I am an artist working with action, sound, objects and moving image. I aim for honest and meaningful interaction with space, objects, sound and people via as many platforms as is useful.

I graduated from Manchester School of Art in 2009 and have since exhibited and performed at galleries from The Bluecoat, Liverpool to Departure Gallery, London. I am co director of artist led space The Penthouse with artist Debbie Sharp in Manchester city centre. I have delivered workshops for such programs as The Young Person’s Development program for Full Circle Arts and have been a panelist at events such as Spring Conference on the topic of ‘What is Radical Art?’

Artist Statement

Using varying layers and levels of rehearsal, structure and improvisation my work plays with the space for spontaneity and leaves it open sharing the heightened energy of live decision making with an audience.

I am obsessed with improvisation and its relationship to deviance, chance and noise. I work with objects and often tools, implements and devices to extract sound in a live situation­ using arrangements of found objects and installed self made instruments­ physically in a space. Arrangements reworked live take the body into it and then remove it leaving something touched­ with the soundtrack to the space and objects left behind as an installed sound piece which can be reworked again at any point. The voice is heavily featured in my current approach­ with my main experiments being producing noises from the throat­ the internal voice before projection.

In more elaborate installations objects are arranged and installed according to physical and sonic relationships to each other. The action of sound making with these arrangements is as important as the sounds. The physicality of the body as an equal part of the work is important­ as is the removal of it and how it affects the experience of listening.

Website: https://rosannerobertson.com

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