OutsiderXchanges Evaluation Report

Outsiderxchanges Evaluation Report

This report presents the findings of an evaluation of Venture Arts’ project OutsiderXchanges, in collaboration with Castlefield Gallery and BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art. For seven months in 2016, twelve artists, six of whom are learning disabled, shared a studio and collaborated as equals to produce experimental new artworks.

This project was kindly supported by Arts Council England and Manchester City Council.

OutsiderXchanges was conceived by Amanda Sutton, Director of Venture Arts.

This report is based on an evaluation by Sara Spanton, and has been edited by Aziza Mills.

Design and front cover image by Naomi Davies, BA (Hons) Graphic Design graduate, Salford University.

The project owes huge thanks to Tanya Raabe-Webber, Kwong Lee, Glen Meskell, Emma Thomas, Sarah Bradbury, Emma Fry, Jennifer Dean, John Lynch, Annie Feng, Nicholas James, all of the project artists and all the team at Venture Arts.

Download the OutsiderXchanges Evaluation Report here:


TICKETS ARE SELLING OUT FAST for OutsiderXchangeS experimental noise band PSYCHEDELIC BRAIN CELLS who are proudly supporting Daniel Wakeford on May 13th at Islington Mill hosted by FAT OUT’S BURROW .

Alongside this event Venture Arts will be exhibiting a selection of artworks for one weekend only.


Improv, Noise and Object Soup.

Psychedelic Braincells is a new experimental super group formed spontaneously at a studio party in a disco light ridden corner of pioneering collaborative art project Outsiderxchanges bringing together ideas, practices and expressions via noise, improvisation, sound making and performance.

Psychedelic Braincells’ first impromptu ‘concert’ saw us play a cacophonous and explosive set of spontaneous noise making to a captive audience developed into a longer set for our first gigs at BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Art and The Whitworth in 2016.

Psychedelic Braincells is an extension of the experimentation within the Outsiderxchanges studio into sound and celebrates the act of playing- as an artist or a musician- we can play whatever ever we want be it objects from David and Matt’s painting assemblages to records from Rosanne & Horace’s sculptural interventions. Current members include Rosanne Robertson, Horace Lindezey, David James, Matt GirlingSophie Megan Lee , Leslie Thompson and Juliet Davis.

BOOK TICKETS:  https://www.skiddle.com/whats-on/Manchester/Islington-Mill/The-Daniel-Wakeford-Experience/12933198/

Disability Arts Online – Sarah Munro reflects on her career so far and OutsiderXchanges making a lasting impact on her vision for supporting disabled artists

“They were able to overtly challenge elitism within the art world. There was a real sense of making visible the constraints of the art world that exist for everybody, not just for disabled artists. There was also a strong sense of comradery and that they were working as a group to create a collective practice”


“It’s not like we have done OutsiderXchanges, now this is the next thing. It’s more about, how do we stop it from being something that sits on the edge of the organisation and instead becomes a discourse across the core.”

Sarah Munro, Director of BALTIC Centre For Contemporary Art reflects on the legacy of OutsiderXchangeS and how it has influenced her vision for nurturing and showcasing disabled artists in the future.

Read the entire article via Disability Arts Online –http://bit.ly/2DAOSMOX

Castlefield GalleryRosanne RobertsonSophie Megan Lee, Matt Girling, Simon Raven, BALTIC 39, Tanya Raabe-Webber, Juliet Davis, The Whitworth, Amanda Sutton, Arts Council England.


Article: OutsiderXchanges Overview by Sara Jaspen at Corridor8

Sara Jaspen, Corridor8, reviewed OutsiderXchanges take over at The Whitworth Thursday Lates event on the 3rd of November. Read her article here:




Thursday Lates: OutsiderXchanges at The Whitworth



On November 3rd 2016, OutsiderXchanges project took over The Whitworth‘s Thursday Lates event with their riotous art party. It was incredibly successful and the turn out was great. We shared the project to new audiences through the medium of video, performance, happenings, The Psychedelic Brain Cells, sound art, installations, party food, a disco and much more. See for you yourselves……

Photos courtesy of John Lynch, Martin Livesey and Annie Feng.

More images are available on our Twitter page, Instagram and Facebook page.

Thanks to The Whitworth art gallery and Ed Watts for helping us organise this event.




OutsiderXchanges – Film and video works – Part 1

The following film and video works illustrate the collaborative outcomes of OutsiderXchanges project and artists working together to create new work through inter-responsive visual arts practice. These films were exhibited in a series of happenings, events and exhibitions including The Manchester Contemporary, BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art and The Whitworth art gallery for Thursday Lates event.


Jane Louise Graham and Simon Raven, Invisible Gallery at Midnight Part 1&2, 2016

This collaborative work of three short films grew from a discussion about disability and invisibility. Jane and Simon decided to establish Invisible Gallery as a fictional institution that might represent disabled artists who would not gain visibility without our support. In doing so, they compared the relative invisibility of disability as a subject in contemporary art with conceptual art practices in which an idea takes precedence over material form. Following playful and spontaneous discussions, they staged a curatorial conversation to camera (Invisible Gallery at Midnight) and made a farcical TV news bulletin about the opening of a new Invisible Gallery in an unnamed city centre, imagining that our concept had been turned into a successful franchise (Invisible Gallery News).


I was the Assembly hall, 2016 by Juliet Davis, Sophie Lee and Horace Lindezey

This video is the result of several weeks of online and field research and acts as a celebration of Horace’s memories of Cambrian School in Ancoats, Manchester, which is due to be taken down and turned into a car park in the near future. But it also acts as a ritualistic ceremony of letting the school and the memories “go”. They  created scenes where They physically interacted with objects associated to school, creating abstract or figurative shapes relating to Horace’s memories. Some scenes only involve hands and small objects, some others involve the hall body, as if they were making dens/being swallowed by the school. In the ‘wall paper’ scene they tried  to impersonate the school and match its architecture (left: class room, middle: assembly hall, right: dinner ladies room). The soundtrack is an edited recording of a discussion about some of Horace’s school memories, and has a sometimes literal and sometimes more abstract relationship to the action on screen.


The Pearlescent Party of Iridescent Energy, 2016, by Matt Girling with all artists

Taking the premise that the artists are blowing their art budget on a party, this film brings together in a theatrical way the art works produced and insight into the processes that inspired them. Each artist creates and inspires their own art story within the wider narrative. With a riotous and anarchic flavor, representing the relationship between artists, the film takes its name from artist David James who described trying to capture “iridescent eyes” and “idyllic eyes” using “pearlescent paints”.

‘Process Film’ capturing the unique collaborative and creative process between artists over the duration of the OutsiderXchanges project created by Venture Arts’ Martin Livesey.

Thursday Lates: OutsiderXchanges Art Party

Tonight for one night only OutsiderXchanges take over The Whitworth Thursday Lates to present OutsiderXchanges project through an Art Party. Starting from 6-9pm there’ll be a feast of artworks, psychedelic performances, films, installations, happenings, sound art, party food and much more!

Check out these short psychedelic teaser trailers created by OutsiderXchanges collaborator and artist Matt Girling.