“Learning-disabled artists still face significant barriers to entering the art world, but through this way of working all artists benefited and saw their practice develop”

 Art without Outsider – Arts Professional Magazine By Emma Bosworth


“They were able to overtly challenge elitism within the art world. There was a real sense of making visible the constraints of the art world that exist for everybody, not just for disabled artists. There was also a strong sense of comradery and that they were working as a group to create a collective practice”

Sarah Munro reflects on her career so far and OutsiderXchanges making a lasting impact on her vision for supporting disabled artists – Disability Arts International 


“The principles of collaboration and participation at the project’s heart and the atmosphere of celebration that surrounded it felt authentically tempered by the healthy dose of tongue-in-cheek irreverence and criticality that came out in much of the work.”

Corridor 8 – OutsiderXchanges an Overview  By Sara Jaspen


“By refusing to distinguish between outsiders and non-outsiders, everyone is able to just be an artist”

The Double Negative – The Very Nature of Outsider Art Questioned – By Tom Emery


“Countless projects bring together learning-disabled and non-disabled artists but often hit rocky ground when it comes to agency and the power relationship between the two. Venture Arts have taken a different approach, eschewing the usual mentor/mentee relationship and focussing instead on collaboration as equals.”

Disability Arts Online – OutsiderXchanges at BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art – By Joe Turnbull

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